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10 Foods don't have an expiration date

In this era, in this kind of covid-19 situation, many people would want to leave the house to buy things to stock up as much as possible. Because I don't want to go out and risk meeting people, so we come to open a list of 10 foods that have no expiration date. one time purchase No rotten! say that some kind Many people may not even know it. Some of us have farts in our homes as well, all of which can be kept for so long that we forget we ever had them. Plus it doesn't expire. Buy it once, it's done. What will it be? Let's see!

1. Khaosan (Rice)

Khaosan is considered a dry food that is already in the house. Because all Thai people eat rice mainly, but did you know that if we keep the rice at the right temperature, about 4.5 degrees, keep it in a plastic box with a lid? Do not allow moisture and insects to enter. you will be able to store rice for up to 30 years. It's called a one-time purchase.

2. Sugar

Sugar is another thing that can be stored for a long time. And almost every home has a kitchen. Have you noticed that if we keep the sugar in a good jar? Escape the red light and humidity. Sugar never expires. and even with moisture Sugar will not spoil.

3. Salt

Salt is a condiment in every home. both Thai and foreign kitchens There are many types of salt. But let me tell you that there are all kinds. It is one of the minerals in the world that never perishes. There is no need to store it at any specific temperature. But the salt will be able to stay with us for a long time.

4. Raw honey

Raw honey here is unrefined honey. or simply call It is honey from the honeycomb itself. Because this kind of honey has a very high sugar content and acidity. This prevents bacteria and yeast from growing. however, it should be kept in a sealed jar or container. no humidity and avoid sunlight and heat Secretly whisper that if kept well, it can last up to 3,000 years!

5. Milk powder

Powdered milk is considered a processed milk. make it impossible to spoil or expire If we keep it in a container without moisture. And stored in the right temperature, out of the sun, we can keep the milk powder for a very long time, most importantly, it does not lose its own value and nutrition.

6. Dried beans

Dried beans in various types can be stored for up to 30 years. But it must be dry beans only. The more uncooked, the better. Store it in a place without humidity. We can have beans to eat for a long time. even time passes Beans will have a strange shape to some. But it can be eaten as usual.

7. Corn Starch

Corn flour that people often use to cook together. both snacks and food Tell me that this type of flour looks like powdered milk is in powder form and has no expiration date But of course, it must be kept in a sealed, airtight container out of direct sunlight. Without a rancid smell ever.

8. Maple Syrup

Maple syrup that Thai people may not be very familiar with, but did you know that this type of syrup? It is considered one of the best natural sugars in the world. which if we do not open the lid We can always keep Because maple syrup has the ability to resist the growth of microorganisms, but if the lid is opened Store in the refrigerator. It can be stored for many years as well.

9. Vanilla Extract

pure vanilla extract It is a raw material that confectioners must know very well. Because pure vanilla extract contains alcohol. It can be kept forever if we close the lid tightly. There is no room for air or bacteria to enter. but if it is an artificial vanilla extract It can only be stored for about 2-3 years, you have to look carefully.

10. Distilled Alcohol

Alcohol is considered something that lasts a very long time. especially alcohol such as whiskey, scotch, or spirits with a high alcohol content If we buy it and keep it without opening the lid. can be kept forever but if the lid is opened It can still be stored for many years.

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