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10 snacks and drinks to fill your stomach before stopping at a rest stop

Have you ever? Travel time drive long distance There are no snacks in the car. It's several kilometers before reaching the rest stop or gas station. Stomach rumbles too. Today, We recommends 10 snacks to keep in your car, crisps, refreshments to quench your thirst. Before reaching the parking spot in front will have enough to fill the stomach.

1. Pringles Potato Chips Sour cream and onion flavor

Pringles Sour Cream and Onion Flavor Flat Potato Chips imported from USA Pleasantly likes sour cream and onions. with intense flavor but not too salty make eat and enjoy There are many flavors, from Cheese, BBQ, Hot and Spicy, Pizza, Thai Tom Yum, etc.

2. Dozo Crispy Japanese Fragrant Rice Corn Cheese Flavor

Dozo, crispy Japanese rice, corn cheese flavor, Family Pack style, in one large pack containing 16 small packs, suitable for the whole family to eat. With the crispness of crispy Japanese onion cross Makes it not feel like eating and being fat Plus, the aroma of cheese and corn flavor blends together perfectly, making Doso Corn Cheese one of the most popular flavors of Doso.

3. Chocolate Maltesers

Maltesers chocolate coated malt flavor, not too sweet, suitable for girls who like chocolate. but don't want to eat sweet focus on chewing With the brand's slogan, "Light Ways to Eat Chocolate", Maltesers is popular for both the flavor and gimmicks of the soft chocolate Maltesers. Meet the crunchiness of the malt inside.

4. Taro Fish Snack Barbecue Flavor

Sea bream has been a favorite of Thai people for a long time with Taro, BBQ flavored fish tacos, packed in 12 small sachets, so you can share each sachet in the car. Fish strips made from real sea fish. The seasoning is thick enough to satisfy Thai people's mouths, has a small spicy flavor and, most importantly, is clean and hygienic. There are many flavors to choose from. The price is very cheap. You can eat it or put it in the microwave. It came out as crispy fish. It's delicious in another way.

5. Euro Custard Cake

When I was a kid, when asked what my favorite dessert was, Euro Custard Cake would always be one of them. With soft cake and custard cream, 6 pieces in one box. Take a bite out of the cake and find custard flavored cream filling with a sweet, sweet aroma. The texture of the cake is soft and tender. One piece is not enough Had to beg for one more piece.

6. Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate

Dark shock must be arranged With 85% dark chocolate, there is no sweet taste, but the concentration of real chocolate from the cacao tree. It is a brand from Switzerland. With just one bite, the chocolate flavor was almost unbearable.

7. Pipo, fruit jelly dessert

Pipo is a fruit-flavored jelly dessert that is known as since I can remember Pipo jelly is already a favorite dessert of every child. The more you put it in the freezer, eat it in the evening. It's very satisfying. It's easy to eat. No need to buy agar powder, boil water, add sugar to make it difficult. There are many colors and flavors such as strawberry, lychee, grape, apple and orange. Pipo jelly is a dessert that has captured the hearts of children of all ages.

8. Taokaenoi seaweed, spicy flavor

Spicy Fried Seaweed Made from high quality seaweed. Through a clean and hygienic process, Tao Kae Noi is a crispy seaweed that retains its crispness. It is also useful nutritious Rich in protein and dietary fiber Mellow taste in every flavor. There are 12 sachets in one pack, each sachet is shared. Eat and enjoy. Can't hold it.

9. Koh-Kae Plus Salted Cashew Nuts

Koh-Kae Premium Salt Roasted Cashew Nuts Chew crispy, fun, not fat, small packet, easy to carry. nutritious No cholesterol and fat Because Koh-Kae has selected the quality of the beans and the production process is modern and clean and hygienic. It can be eaten as a snack or can be used for cooking. The more you eat in the car when you are hungry. It's a snack that can fill your stomach.

10. Glinter Sparkling Blueberry Soda

Glinter brand soda drink, fruit flavor mixed with fructose syrup, clear color, nice to drink, no caffeine and alcohol. Blueberry scent and a variety of more than 8 flavors plus lower calories than general carbonated drinks It's the perfect drink after a workout. because it is refreshing to drink exhausted and exhausted.


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