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14 Must have ingredients to cook Thai food at home

Here’s everything you need in your kitchen to start making a delicious authentic Thai meal like a pro chef.


Galangal is closely related to ginger as they are both rhizome. Galangal, however, gives a totally different flavor. This means that gingers are definitely not your alternative solution as Thai ingredient in your cooking station. A good galangal are the ones in the frozen zone, so be sure to check it out next time you plan for a Thai meal.

Kaffir Lime Kaffir limes are good for their leaves and outer skins. The fruit doesn't make much juice, but the essential oils in the peel gives great aromatics for curries and curry pastes.

Fish Sauce Fish sauce is the equivalent of salt in Thai cuisine. Fish sauce gives out this authentic taste of salty with mellow smell to your soup. Despite that aren’t all fish sauces are make to taste the same . “Most people don't realize that there's a huge variation across brands” – famous Thai cooking chef said. Tiparos is top of the suggestion list, but we would like you to try out different breads for your own personal style of Thai cuisine.

Oyster Sauce One of my personal favorite ingredient is Oyster sauce. It is used in stir-fries and marinades. We recommend to try it slowly. Maekrua is actually one of the suggestion of actual oyster sauce, even though Chinese-style "oyster-flavored sauce" will also does it job.

Thai Bird (Bird's Eye) Chili Bird's eye chili is quite popular in Thailand cooking’s tradition, and it also super hot! Quite like the Serranos chili, the bird’s eye will pinch your mouth and nose when it is inside you. The mouth feel of bird’s eye are quite unique as they tend to give you a shape feeling of spice. The recommendation is to use them while they’re still fresh to get the pure fresh spice out of it. Meanwhile, fresno or serrano chili are also the substitutes.

Thai Basil and Holy Basil Thai basil and holy basil aren’t in the same room in terms of sweet. Holy basil is mostly used in stir fries due to its herbal enhancement. Thai basil in the other hand is used in soups, where it gives a sharper, bolder flavor.

Palm Sugar Palm sugar is similar to light brown sugar, it is best at it’s sweetness, with a woody undertone. Most people will find it in cakes or blocks, which can be shaved, melted and assemble into one.

Coconut Milk Most Thai curry and tom kha soup are filled with coconut milk. Which is a common cooking product to have in your kitchen and ready to use for certain amounted. The recommend brand is AROY-D coconut milk.

Tamarind The power of Tamarind isn’t as strong as lime does. Although Tamarind does gives out the more balanced feeling from it. Tamarind is mostly famous with soups, sauces, and marinades. It could also be a spread jam on a piece of bread.

Sticky Rice

Sticky Rice is one of the most well known characters in Thai cuisine. It has been an essential core ingredient from most of the Thailand history. What it does is that, it absorbs all the flavor and sauce and delivered it directly to your mouth with its simple shape and easy to carry around.

Bamboo Cone Sticky Rice Steamer

With great equipment, the homemade sticky rice will also be at best quality too. The best way to get it is to soak the rice in water for 24 hours and strain it before steaming. A woven bamboo cone over a pot to get the rice nice and ready while cautiously make sure the water doesn’t directly touch the water will be a way to go.

Wok and Metal Spatula

The wok you choose will most likely be nowhere near perfect. Despite that, the way to choose a right wok for you is basically choose from the shape and size of it. These will allow you to drawn the most heat the wok can received possible. The stove recommended is the gas one to go well with the wok since electric stove will not work well with a big spatula like your wok.

Mortar and Pestle

One of the most powerful equipment to possess is mortar and pestles. Its ability to bring out the flavor of the ingredients to spice up your meal is indescribable. There are various use of it such as hand-pounding curry paste or sauces to thrown in your dish.


Shallots are known in Thai crusine as the Thai red onion and which does create so many more basic ingredient in the recipes. Shallot are, along with garlic, cooperate to create a great base ground of Thai stir fries flavor, salad and Thai minced pork. Despite the base foundation of it, shallots has a long lifespand in kitchen pantry and always goodto have ready around in your cook station.

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