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20 Foods to go camping

Pack your things for camping, what should you bring? At the end of the rainy and early winter like this What's more chill than packing a bag into the woods? camping trip Go camping with the gang, change the atmosphere, escape the hustle and bustle of the city to breathe in the fresh air of nature. And if anyone is checking a list of what food to prepare for camping, including fresh, dry, essential food items.

Today we have prepared 20 foods to prepare for camping. Prepare food to pitch a tent like a pro. You may not have to bring everything. Choose to pick up and store in your bag, depending on your preferences and convenience. If you're ready, get a pen and paper. Then follow us and see!

Checklist of food for camping

1. Chicken eggs

Chicken eggs are a staple in many dishes. that does not take long to do I can tell you that it's perfect for camping. By collecting eggs may be placed in a hard box. so that the eggs do not break prematurely.

2. Instant noodles

instant noodles It is indispensable when going camping. Because it is lightweight, easy to find, cheap, good taste, and can be stored for a long time. Just add hot water and you can eat it for one meal. Or you can eat it dry as well. Therefore, you must carry it, so don't miss it.

3. Ready meals

ready-to-eat food The type that tear the envelope can eat it. You can buy them at convenience stores. I'd say it's very convenient. Suitable for people who are not good at cooking. Carry it to certify that you will survive!

4. Canned fish, canned food

canned fish and canned food Another type of food that is indispensable. I have to carry it every time I go camping. Because it is both convenient and easy to carry, you can open the lid and eat immediately. or who wants to warm Or put it in instant noodles, it's great. Let me tell you.

5. Pork / Beef Sun Dried / Crispy Pork, Flossy Pork

Sun-dried pork, sun-dried pork or shredded pork, shredded pork, will be carried raw and then fried when the tent is done. Or anyone who is convenient to fry, then it's easy to carry. and definitely not spoiled I can tell you that it's the perfect food for carrying in a tent.

6. Fresh food, pork, chicken

Fresh food, pork, chicken, this may not be suitable for everyone and every place. It is recommended to go with a refrigerator. It's best to go camping in places that are accessible to cars. Because fresh products are quite difficult to maintain. The temperature must be kept at all times. and a little sloppy.

7. Bread

The next item is indispensable. Let me tell you, bread. That's it. Bread is a good carbohydrate, easy to carry, but very filling. eat for breakfast Or bring it up to eat during the day to help relieve hunger.

8. Snacks

Snacks You can choose to buy and carry as you like. It can be called something that is more reassuring. because we don't know when we will be hungry will eat and play Or use it as an appetizer, it's great. Let me tell you.

9. Instant Coffee / Drip Coffee

What's better than waking up in the morning to watch the sunrise? breath of fresh air With a sip of hot coffee, hmmm, it gives the ultimate camping feeling.

10. Sausage, Ham, Bacon

Sausage, ham, bacon, meat dishes that are easy to carry, not messy, and when you want to eat them. Just tear the sachet and it's ready to eat. Or anyone who wants to bring warm and hot to eat for breakfast, it's very satisfying.

11. Fruit

Fruits are a great source of energy, water, and vitamins, so if you're tired, pick up a banana or an apple and eat it. Guarantee that there will be strength to come back.

12. Cereal bars or Energy bars

Let's move on to another easy-to-carry, high-energy item, such as Cereal Bars and Energy Bars. As I said, it's portable, lightweight, and can be eaten instead of rice when we haven't arrived at the place yet.

13. Baked Beans

Baked beans are another high-energy thing. a good source of fat which is delicious to chew and enjoy Take it out during a chill break. Make sure you run out of bags!

14. Drinking water / beverage of your choice

Drinking water is an essential thing that is indispensable. Because the most dangerous thing in hiking, hiking or camping It is a symptom of dehydration sitting on its own. Because our body is made up of 70% water, water is an important factor in all aspects of the body's work. Don't forget to take it for sure!

15. Milk

Pasteurized fresh milk Whether it's a box of milk or a bottle of milk, bring it. Guarantee that you will use it for sure. You can support your stomach. It can relieve your hunger well!

16. Cheese Plate

Cheese slices are an item that goes well with anything, such as bread, ham, bacon, or even an egg.

17. Seasoning Sauce

Cook all the food must have equipment, seasoning sauces, right? Whether it's dipping sauces, salt, pepper, rich to dipping sauces like ketchup, chili sauce, now they are sold in packs. Don't have to carry a bottle Let's get tired.

18. Condensed Milk

Sweetened condensed milk, a great item that can be used with bread and tea and coffee. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

19. Jam / Peanut Butter

Jam or peanut butter for spreading on bread It's something that really enhances the flavor of the bread and doesn't require any effort. It's ready to eat.

20. Marshmallow

Finish with marshmallows, food, snacks that are not very necessary. but can't live without For anyone who goes camping, pitching a tent with The Gang, because toasting marshmallows is very good. The more cold symptoms come to make a bonfire, sit and talk. Then grill marshmallows and eat them. I can tell you that it's very satisfying.


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