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5 herbs to boost your immune system.

natural herbs can be used as medicine or mixed with other substances according to the drug formula to treat disease can nourish the body and here are 5 herbs that have properties to help strengthen the body's immune system.

1. Mulberry leaves

Contains DNJ (DNJ) that inhibits the enzyme alpha glucosidase. It has a mechanism to prevent the body from digesting carbohydrates into smaller sugar molecules. thus helping to inhibit hyperglycemia If the patient has high blood sugar If eating the right amount of mulberry leaves Will be able to cause the patient to have a lower blood sugar condition.

*** Caution *** When giving mulberry leaves together with diabetes medications. Especially drugs in the group that inhibit the enzyme alpha glucosidase, such as Acarbose, because it may enhance the effect of the drug. Makes blood sugar drop a lot.

2. Roselle

Okra is a sour herb. that have been used to benefit In addition to being a drink to cool off. It also has properties that can help reduce the risk factors of cardiovascular disease. And it can also help reduce blood pressure as well.

3. Chrysanthemum

Most of the chrysanthemum is extracted as drinking water to refresh the body. Reduces the rate of contraction of the heart. It also has a beneficial effect on the treatment and prevention of high blood pressure. It also helps the digestive system work better.

4. Centella Asiatica

It is a cool plant. Help balance in the body Make the body in a state of being ready to sleep and rest easier. Has properties to help nourish the brain, relieve anxiety, help sleep soundly and in the Centella asiatica will help speed up wound healing with the addition of antioxidants in the wound area make skin healthy

5. Vietnamese Coriander

It is a herb that can be used to treat various diseases and symptoms, including prevention and against cancer. Solve the problem of beriberi at the nerve endings, reduce body aches treat joint or bone pain It also has medicinal properties that help increase blood fat metabolism, help slow down aging, nourish the nerves, help with excretion. It also helps to make the blood flow in the body more convenient.

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