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Did you try Ancient Thai drink!

In the afternoon like this, the weather is getting hotter and more stuffy. If you have a cold drink Washing a glass to help rejuvenate would be good. Drinks that can satisfy friends This is not a splendid source from a distant land. But it is a good thing that is close to the body hidden with the wisdom of ancient Thailand. It has been passed down through generations for a long time. If you have tried it, you may make friends. Think back to the days when you were young. which is the charm of Thainess that has not faded from memory.

iced black tea

Thai tea flavored with only sugar, not milk, which perfectly preserves the unique aroma of Thai tea. Suitable for those who want the aroma and taste of Thai tea without any distorted additives. Serve cold for added freshness and energy. Suitable for drinking to cool down. or drink with meals Regardless of whether it is eaten with any type of food, it is very suitable.

iced milk tea

Iced milk tea is iced black tea with milk added to enhance its aromatic flavor. It has a sweet milky aroma that is added to normal tea. which the maker may add fresh milk to increase the aroma of fresh milk Alternatively, condensed milk may be substituted for added sweetness. Although the taste and aroma of tea is reduced. But combining it with milk gives it a unique taste and aroma. It's sweet It goes well with Thai tea if your friends like to drink something sweet. Cold milk is a good option.

Antique coffee

Traditional coffee is coffee made from beans. Roasted with other ingredients such as corn, roasted tamarind, butter, sugar or other grains. Depends on the recipe of each shop Roasted to a black burnt and finely ground. Then it is brewed by scalding hot water through a coffee bag. This is a step that adds a nice scent to it. before serving coffee. Ah Pae will prepare a glass of condensed milk. Before pouring coffee into a cup with a plate of other side dishes such as fried dough sticks, bread, hot tea, it is a good pairing to start a fresh morning.


O-liang is a traditional coffee brewed from roasted and ground coffee beans without condensed milk. As a result, the aroma and taste are truly accessible to mixed roasted coffee beans. which has only seasoned sugar to make it taste sweet. When you drink it, you will feel refreshed. Fresh from the sweetness of sugar and caffeine from roasted coffee beans.O-Liang is a popular drink that is often mocked for accompanying visits to inmates with fried rice, but in reality, anyone can experience the refreshing taste of o-liang regardless of whether they are free or not.

Yok lor

Yok Lor is an o-liang that is mixed with fresh milk. Makes the taste more soft and smooth. Similar to the Thai version of coffee latte. Suitable for people who are afraid that drinking Olaeng will cause insomnia or the effect of the caffeine is too strong. With a mixture of fresh milk to dilute the bitterness of roasted coffee. It is suitable for soft drinks. Sip with sweet Thai desserts It's compatible with each other very well.


O-cha is a drink that is a fusion between iced milk tea and o-laeng. Gives a more complex flavor dimension as if drinking tea and coffee in the same cup.


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