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Herbs for skin: 7 of the Best Herbs for your nature Skincare

Thai people and herbs are things that have been together for a long time, especially used to treat the body in various matters, which are still popular today, such as turmeric powder, tamarind, honey, etc.

Herbs are naturally derived, so there is no problem of allergic reactions or negative results. Therefore, I would like to recommend for people who are having problems with dull skin to be able to reveal their radiance easily by yourself. Guaranteed that there are no side effects problems for sure.

1.Aloe Vera

The value of aloe vera is immense. Besides being used to treat disease also used to nourish the skin It can also nourish the hair. Nowadays, it can be seen that there are many shampoos and cosmetics. that uses aloe vera as an ingredient and is becoming popular with the general public. because aloe Has properties that can help the metabolic process. work normally reduce infection destroys the toxicity of pathogens stimulate rebirth of the damaged tissue.

Therefore, aloe vera is used. to nourish the skin people who use aloe vera regularly to nourish their skin. will clearly feel that Aloe Vera helps the skin is radiant, fresh, hydrated and can also eliminate acne. and remove dark spots as well.

Aloe Vera Uses to nourish the skin by peeling off Use only the clear white jelly slime that is inside in order to avoid an allergic reaction. Before use should check whether Will I have an allergic reaction or not? using water obtained from white agar of aloe Apply directly to the base of the ear. and leave it for a moment If irritation or red rash occurs, it means that it is allergic and is no longer suitable for use on the face.

if there is no allergic reaction It can be used all the time but some people will see the same results when apply aloe vera to the acne area. It will dry out the pimples quickly.

In addition, aloe vera can reduce dryness. and reduce the oiliness of the face by people with oily skin It will help reduce it. people with dry skin It also maintains the moisture of the skin.

2. Sesame

Sesame is a biennial plant give a lot of seeds Sesame seeds are both black and white. Sesame seeds contain about 45-54% oil. Sesame oil has a pleasant aroma. Come squeeze out the sesame oil. Without heat, apply to the skin to nourish the skin to be radiant, help make the skin soft, not rough.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric contains Curcumin and essential oils. which has a specific smell turmeric has an inhibitory effect. bacterial growth and many types of fungi Apply to skin with rashes. Turmeric Powder have a golden yellow color, use to nourish the skin and help disinfect, that cause some skin diseases as well.

4. Honey

Obtained from bees, it contains glucose, fructose, beeswax, albuminoids, pollen. and the hormone estrogen small amount Honey is used as an ingredient. Use of cosmetics to mask the face to make the skin moist. shine with more water honey also has skin-healing properties.

Honey is a natural cosmetic. The benefits are high and easy to find. In addition, honey is also used to nourish hair. estrogen will help nourish the scalp and stimulate germination of hair.

5. Tamarind

Tamarind has a long history of use. Helps cleanse dirt from the skin Because the weak acidic effect in tamarind will help remove dirt from the skin well. Currently, there are many Thai women. Use tamarind mixed with warm water and fresh milk to combine well mask the skin especially in areas that are scratched, such as astragalus, elbows, palms with dark spots. and around the armpits, groin, to make the skin darken fade Makes the skin whiter and smoother and fresh milk will help keep the skin soft.

6. Cucumber

will be high in vitamins Cucumbers also contain cryssin enzyme, which helps digest proteins. this enzyme It will help digest the rough skin to come off to make the new skin soft. happened to replace some people use fresh cucumbers. cut into pieces put on a clean face instead of cucumber juice. Currently, there is cucumber juice mixed.

In cosmetics such as face washes, body creams, to help the skin not become rough. and help heal the skin Cucumber is a herb that is easy to find, useful, cheap, and is used regularly. It will make you beautiful, fresh and soft.

7. Tomatoes

In tomatoes, there are curotenoids and many vitamins. Ripe tomato juice contains licopersioin, which has fungicidal and antibacterial properties, and fresh tomato juice is used as a mask to treat acne and make the skin firm or may be sliced you can paste it on your face.

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