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How to eat dried fruit to benefit?

Eat well, be useful, I have to say that it is fortunate that Thailand It is a country full of seasonal fruits. And as you know, the “fruit” is enormously useful. Many people have chosen to fill the good things for the body by choosing to eat fruit along with the main meals that must be eaten on a daily basis.

But with our home There are seasonal fruits to choose from without interruption. It's not strange to find a way to preserve food. or processed fruit To keep it for longer And one of the most popular methods is "drying", which uses the energy of heat to evaporate the juice in the fruit. Before being stored in sealed containers without oxygen and moisture. These dried fruits can be eaten out of season as well. Importantly, “dried fruit” is still considered a daily snack. that are both delicious and wholesome, good for health and easy to carry And today we're going to take a look at how useful dried fruits are? If eating a lot of dried fruit has a negative effect on the body or not? Let's follow to find the answer. Are dried fruits really good for health? Dried fruits contain vitamins, which are antioxidants, just like fresh fruit. Because during the drying process Can add vitamins that are beneficial to the body. together with the drying method It is also a method that results in less vitamin loss than other fruit preservation methods. Is this dried fruit really good for health? Let's consider the nutrients that are hidden in dried fruits.

less sugar when the fruit is in season processed into dried fruit Make it a snack without artificial colors, flavors and smells, but still retain the natural sweetness as before. After eating, it doesn't increase blood sugar levels. Suitable for people with high blood sugar. But hey, the “fruit compote” that is rich in sugar comes dried. and eat it as a snack This is careful to cause negative effects on health. because it is very high in sugar.

oil free when processing fruit By using heat, you can be sure that the dried fruit in your hand is Absolutely no excess oil suitable for those who want to lose weight.

Contains nutrients like fresh fruit. Drying does not destroy the nutrients contained in the fruit, so the dried fruit retains the same nutrients as -Potassium that prevents muscle spasms and reduces edema -Calcium that helps maintain bones and teeth -Vitamin A nourishes the skin -Vitamin B helps cells and systems in the body to function normally and efficiently. -Iron makes the circulatory system in the body work well. In addition, some dried fruits are rich in beta-carotene. that help nourish the skin and eyes In addition, to receive vitamins or minerals that are beneficial to the body. It would depend on whether the dried fruit is any kind of fruit, so be assured that eating dried fruit. It will not deprive you of essential nutrients for sure. high in fiber Although drying is a method of dehydrating the fruit, leaving only dry pulp, the fiber remains intact. As a result, dried fruit still has fiber that will help in excretion better than fresh fruit at all. Does eating a lot of dried fruits have a negative effect on the body? As said from the beginning that vitamins or minerals that are beneficial to the body It depends on what kind of dried fruit it is. It can cause your body to get more sugar than your body needs. and that excess sugar will be converted to body fat until it may be a cause of overweight or obesity. The proper way to eat dried fruit is as follows: -Drink water. Even dried fruits contain fiber. which helps with excretion But if you're dehydrated, the result is constipation, so taking a sip of water will help. -Divide the dried fruit into portions by using a plastic bag or container to divide the fruit into appropriate proportions. If it's a large fruit, such as a mango or pears, divide it into two. while the small fruit may be divided into 2 tablespoons. -Increase protein when you pair snacks with protein or fat sources like nuts and yogurt. The body will receive more nutrients and less sugar. Cr.shopat24

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