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Danger from extremely cold weather How does it harm the body?

Winter storms from the Arctic blanket Canada and the United States. causing the temperature to drop sharply Affects living life It also causes the death rate to increase worryingly.

A study published in the journal Lancet found that 7 percent of the world's 74 million deaths were caused by extreme cold weather. Experts are expressing concern after forecasts that many countries will face extreme cold weather later this year. This will result in various diseases. The epidemic has returned heavily. And it also has a direct negative effect on human health. It is well known that During the winter of every year, We are likely to see more severe outbreaks of influenza, COVID-19, and respiratory diseases. But this year the cold weather has been more extreme than average. Especially in the US Canada and Europe This is even more worrying for public health experts that this winter may pose a greater threat to human health and safety than ever before Antonio Gasparrini.

British researchers led a 2015 study published in the journal Lancet that found that of the 74 million deaths worldwide, 7 percent were attributable to cold weather. Arrange which is evidence that concludes that Extremely cold weather increases the risk of death, and Tina Igaheimo, a professor at Norway's University of Tromso, said a parallel problem is the price of natural gas that has soared due to the war. Ukraine As a result, many families do not have enough purchasing power to find natural gas to heat their homes, especially in Europe, which relies heavily on natural gas. He also expressed concern for the poor and elderly who do not have enough money to buy natural gas.

How does extremely cold weather harm the body?

According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, Extremely cold air will cause primary damage to the outer skin. from a condition called frostbite When you have to stay in extremely cold weather for a long time. The places where frostbite can easily occur are the fingers, toes, ears, nose, and cheeks, if they are at the skin level. The skin color will become redder. Feel a sharp pain in the skin, then the skin will turn pale, become numb, and have no feeling. But if it's deep under the skin The skin will become purple-gray and may feel hard. When touching the skin At first you will feel numb and not feel. After that, you will feel a throbbing pain. Blisters that form blood congestion may form inside. Causes damage to tissues However, before symptoms become severe We often see the initial warning signs first. is that the skin is red If your skin feels tingly or numb, go indoors and warm yourself up immediately.

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