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Thai Cuisine, harmony of herbs you can cook at home.

When we talk about Thai Cuisine, everybody will have an image of hot and spicy food. Yes, That True. There are many hot and spicy menus. But originally Thai cuisine doesn't have only spicy food. Thai cuisine is composed of fresh and dried tropical ingredients. Herbs and nutritious foods are combined and cooked together to create special taste and appetizing aroma along with fantastic nutrition balance.

Which menu do you prefer for your first cook?

1. Tom Yum Kung (Spicy soup with prawn)

2. Som Tam (Papaya spicy salad)

3. Pad Thai (Thai noodle stir fry with a sweet-savory-sour sauce scattered with crushed peanuts)

4. Gaeng Keaw Wan (Green curry)

Can't find any ingredient?


Healthy Thai Foods knows what Thai needs

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